Committee Reports 

Service Committee Chair Jordan Chase reminded the group that our annual service partner, Bike Walk Savannah, is still accepting bike donations at BWS HQ and at Green Truck Pub. More information on the next bike drop-off opportunity on Dec. 6  is available on the Bike Walk Savannah Facebook page. If you or your friends have bikes that are "dusty, but not rusty," they are needed. Metro will help BWS refurbish bikes on Dec. 12 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Two volunteer shifts are available. Sign up here

Program Committee Chair Daniel Weiner announced Club Assembly will be held at Dec. 15 at Tacos + Tequila. We will sit outside in small groups. Some Holiday Munches will be scheduled during December. Stay tuned for details.

President Elect Cecilia Arango reminded everyone to buy tickets for the Metro Mania Final Raffle, which includes more than $3,000 worth of prizes. Tickets are $25 each. Want to keep it simple? Venmo @JessicaPedigo by Dec. 15 at 10 a.m. and mention "raffle!" Otherwise, "Register" for the event to order your tickets here. If you want to purchase more than one raffle entry (and why wouldn't you?!) you will need to "register a guest" and enter your name as the guest. 

Foundation and Grants Committee Chair Patrick Phelps reminded everyone to make their Every Rotarian Every Year donations. You can do that right here


Todd Breton visited from the Rotary Club of Sugarland, Texas
Fitz Hale, a member from the early days of the club, has moved back to Savannah and joined the meeting again today.

Featured Speaker: Nancy Daly

Nancy Daly shared her experiences being a member of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Nancy explained that she and her sister were fans of the show and when they saw an announcement for auditions, they decided to tryout. Her sister changed her mind at the last minute, but Nancy decided to go ahead. The auditions were grueling and most of the aspiring wrestlers dropped out before the end of the day, but Nancy stuck with it. The director assigned her with her persona: the ax-wielding Dementia.
She said she enjoyed the theatrical nature of the program and still considers her fellow cast members as family. Her career with G.L.O.W. ended when the show was cancelled. Nancy now works at a dog day care center, a job she loves, and has been active in theater productions here in Savannah.

Membership Moment: Florence Slatinsky 

Florence Slatinsky and her husband David have two sons and have lived in Savannah for the last 16 years, after living in San Francisco. Florence is an avid boater and likes spending time on the water, one of her favorite things about living in Savannah. She also enjoys tennis, pickleball, and yoga. The number of Metro members who have been her clients at Advertising Specialty Services are too numerous to count, she said.
Three things you might not know about Florence: 1. She used to be fluent in Spanish and lived in Costa Rica. 2. Her family came to Savannah with the early Jewish settlers in 1733. 3. She turned down a job with Google in 1999.