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This raffle has something for everyone!  Every time you register for an event, you will automatically be registered in the MMSS Finale Raffle!  Want more chances to win??  Want to support Bike Walk Savannah and other local non-profits but can't make it to any events?  You can also purchase tickets for the Finale Raffle for only $25!!

The Finale Raffle includes FIVE bottles of bourbon from Ghost Coast Distillery(!), a cocktail shaker, restaurant gift certificate, travel cheese board and supplies, art from local artists, lots of local beer and more!  More information about raffles will be posted on our facebook page!

The winner of the Finale Raffle will be drawn on 11/22 at the Tharpe Engineering Scavenger Hunt, you do NOT have to be present to win!

Many thanks to Thomas & Hutton for supporting the entire Metro Mania Showdown Series!

Metropolitan Savannah Rotary is hosting a series of events during the month of November to benefit Bike Walk Savannah (BWS)! Savannah is known as a walkable and bike friendly city, and this is true in some areas, but not all. More than 70% of Savannah streets do not have sidewalks and out of more than 700 miles of streets within the city limits, less than 30 have bike lanes. According to census data, within some census tracts, more than 60% of households do not have access to a motor vehicle.
BWS’s Neighborhood Street Audit program will identify opportunities to improve transportation infrastructure that will make it more convenient and less hazardous for people to walk, bike, and take transit to school, jobs, and other important destinations — and avoid the considerable financial burden of owning or leasing a car. For financially struggling families, maintaining a single car can consume almost a quarter of household income. These improvements will also provide better access to recreation for residents of all ages and abilities, and help to address health disparities in many Savannah neighborhoods. We hope you will join us in this wonderful cause!

*Rotarians will get Rotary attendance credit for every raffle ticket purchased for the Finale Raffle.