We are excited for November's Metro Mania Showdown Series (MMSS) presented by Thomas & Hutton! With Covid putting a damper on our usual annual large fundraising event, we decided to host EIGHT small amazing fundraising events during the month of November! Each MMSS event registration is only $25!  All events are open to the public to raise money to support Bike Walk Savannah and Urban Hope this year!
There is an array of events so there is one for everyone AND with each event registration, you will be entered into that event’s raffle prize AND into the Finale Raffle prize!  That’s right, if you participate in every event, you have the chance to win NINE raffles!  We're not talking small raffles, we're talking thousands of dollars in raffles prizes!  You don’t want to miss any of it!
Worried you won’t have the usual fundraising beverage experience?  Bergen, Bergen & Thomas has sponsored Social Hours after our in-person events so you can socialize with your friends and fellow Rotarians!
November 17, 6:30pm: Book Club with Harrison Scott Key sponsored by Forsight Unique Eyecare and Eye Wear, always wanted to be part of a drinking, I mean book club??  Now’s your chance to join for a one time meeting to hear from local but world renowned author Harrison Scott Key!  You don't even have to read the book!  With attendance, you can win an autographed copy of the book, wine (of course), and more! Get your tickets here.
November 21, 9am: Bodyweight Blast with Katie Balthrop, sponsored by JDR Construction, get up and work out so you can enjoy mimosas! How often do you get to workout in Forsyth?  Join us and you can win a yoga mat, S’Well bottle, gift cards and more! Get your tickets here.
November 22, 1pm: MMSS Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Tharpe Engineering, gather your friends and family for a scavenger hunt through downtown and get the chance to win artwork from local artists, gift cards and more! Get your tickets here.
FINALE RAFFLE: the raffle to beat all raffles!  Every time you register for an event, you will be registered in the raffle but you can also purchase tickets!  This raffle includes local bourbon, local beer, local art, local gift cards, local products, local staycations…you name it, we got it and it's valued at over $3,000! Get your tickets here.
Got questions?  Contact Cindy Mullally, Event Chair cynthia.mullally@gmail.com , or Jessica Pedigo JPedigo@sspins.com.  Otherwise, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW BEFORE THEY ARE GONE! 
Please thank our great sponsors for supporting Metro Rotary and our non-profit partners!  Thank you to the fall fundraising committee for putting on eight great events!