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Metro meets on 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 12noon at the Jewish Educational Alliance, 5111 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA
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President Jasmine Mills

  • Reminder to provide any and all feedback in real-time (don’t wait until the end of the year)
  • Let Jasmine and Jamie know if you spot club members in the news, any recognition/awards/announcements on social media - let's spread the good MetRotarians news!
  • Read United Buddies: October launch at Otis Brock & Windsor Forest Elementary Schools. Looking for volunteers to read with 2nd grade students 30 minutes twice/week. Reach out to Jasmine if you are interested.
  • Brad Patrick thanked all who participated in the service day this past weekend. The staff at Re-Purpose Savannah are very grateful and happy with how our partnership is going. Michael Grabowski was awarded the exceptional achievement award, received by his mother, Denise - Proud mom!
  • 10/7 volunteers shifts for Fish Gotta Swim Paddle Battle - Wilderness Southeast
  • 11/15 Senior Citizens Inc. kitchen meal prep 
    • Background check must be completed by 10/17 - print and complete the application here - send completed form AND a copy of your Driver's License to Julie Wade 
    • Ro is setting up a monthly recurring senior pet food delivery through Senior Citizens - more info coming
  • We need your help, Metro! 21 Host families are needed for GRSP weekend, Oct. 13-15. Pick-Up/Drop-Off requirements. Contact Jim Drake ASAP at 912.655.9882 
  • Savannah Sunrise Rotary is hosting the 1st annual Sam Eskew Memorial Golf Tournament. 11/10, 8:30am tee, Savannah Country Club. Benefits Operation Patriots FOB. Register or donate via Venmo to Tony Uhrich as part of Metro Support.
  • Membership goals presented by Zerik - getting more involvement with committees and boards.
  • September Challenge: “Each One Bring One”
  • Peace Pole unveiling with Interact at Woodville-Tomkins. Will Gruver was able to get all the materials needed to make this happen for International Day of Peace - Thurs., Sept. 21 at 11:30am.
  • Family Rotary event at Phil the Park: 10/7 at 4:30. Theme is “Around the World” celebrating global rhythms of Savannah. Volunteers needed- contact Sarah Smith 912.944.7012.
  • Fall Fundraiser: Cindy Mullally, Chair. Save the Date: Font Porch Improv, Wednesday 11/29 6:00-9:00 
    • Weekly meetings, Wed @5:30 via Zoom
  • Legacy Project: 8 ideas submitted so far. Committee meeting 9/28 @ 10am.
  •  9/26: Social: Jerry's Lounge 5:30-7pm
  • 10/3: Program Speaker: Chelsea Sawyer, CEMA
  • 10/7 Service: Wilderness Southeast 50th Anniversary Paddle Battle
  • 10/17: Program Speaker: Cari Phelps, Global Grant Update
  • 10/24 Social: Rooftop bar TBA
  • 11/15: Service: Kitchen meal prep with Senior Citizens Inc.


  • Hillary Bradbury, Director of Marketing & Communications with Goodwill Southeast Georgia- guest of Zerik Samples
  • Ruth Hutson, SESCO Lighting - guest of Laura Lee Bocade  
  • Matthew Roach, IT with Thomas & Hutton - guest of Jennine Roach
  • Emerson Ingram, Booz Allen Hamilton Cyber Security - guest of Jeff Brady
  • Kristen Sommer, Gym Manager at Savannah Sport & Wellness - guest of Katie Balthrop
  • Carol Bell, Public Administration - guest of Jamie Arkins
  • Julian Miller, Alcove Properties real estate management - guest of Jamie Arkins
  • Anne Robinson, Director of The Front Porch
FEATURED SPEAKER: Shawnessey Cargile - The Front Porch, Family Engagement & Activities Coordinator
The Front Porch – Where Youth and Families Gather, is a community-based risk reduction program. Youth who are referred to The Front Porch are assessed to identify any needs, concerning behaviors or situations that may warrant intervention. The Front Porch staff will then connect youth and families with appropriate services to address those needs.
Unique to Chatham County, this program believes that punitive doesn’t work in any area, restorative is the way to go. The court system, attorneys, mayors, DA officers have all come together to create this restorative program. Carol Bell shared her experiences regarding the 2 1/2 year start-up process of this organization. Impressed by how people decided to collaborate for the best of the children & their family.
The majority of people handling kids in trouble are carrying gun and that doesn’t need to be the case. Julian Miller spoke up and reminded us that The Front Porch received almost 20 referrals before they even opened, two of them were by children who referred themselves. 
Shawnessey gave an overview of the process: from a referral to The Front Porch, youth & parent assessment, case manager involvement & referrals to agencies, follow-ups, with plans established and monitored for the next 90 days. Ultimately, families can continue to receive resources after those 90 days. One of the goals is to avoid juvenile court. The Front Porch is the only Youth MARC (Multi-Agency Resource Center) in the state of Georgia.
Multi-Agency approach: Doubling down with staff from agencies – i.e. Tharros Place agent also working with The Front Porch or Shelter from the Rain placed a diaper bank at TFP.
Additional resources for the community and families. Back to School Block Rock, Healing Power of Improv, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, in hour Step Team, Household Budgeting.
Save The Date (STD): Elevator Mixer on Sept. 28th, 5:30pm at TFP
Anne Robinson, TFP Director, spoke about the return on your investment when it comes to social service agencies. It costs $90K to incarcerate a single person for one year!
Denise Grabowski mentioned that this program is invaluable. The educational outcome of this program and the resources provided is huge. Issues that the school system cannot battle on their own.
What can Rotarians and other community members to do support The Front Porch? We can scan referral QR Code and share with family and youth who might need assistance or exposed to at-risk environments. Trauma, Trouble, Grades, Relationships, Mental Health, etc… TFP aims to serve the full spectrum of situations to fully support our families and youth.


President Jasmine Mills

  • If you have not received a membership pin, let Jasmine know. She has pins. (Possible resurrection of “Flair Day”)
  • Reminder to provide any and all feedback in real-time (don’t wait until the end of the year)
  • Let Jasmine and Jamie know if you spot club members in the news, any recognition/awards/announcements on social media - let's spread the good MetRotarians news!
  • SCBLV 60th Anniversary Celebration on Sat., Sept. 28th , 5:30-8:00pm
  • Read United Buddies - October launch at Otis Brock & Windsor Forest Elementary Schools. Looking for volunteers to reach with 2nd grade students 30 minutes twice/week. Reach out to Jasmine with you are interested. 
  • 9/16: ASP Re:Purpose Service - slots available
  • 11/15 Kitchen meal prep with Senior Citizens Inc.
  • Metro Rotary has purchased a brick for the Golden Isles Veterans Village, 30 tiny homes & center project in Brunswick.
  • RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) on Sat., Sept. 16, 7:30am-3:30pm at GA Institute of Technology. Register by 9/6 $100. 
  • Polio Plus Society of District 6920 - time to pledge.
  • Membership push in September- led by Zerik. Focus on people that might be a good fit for Metro. Asking everyone to bring a guest to both meetings in September.
  • Be aware of the 6 things you need to know when sponsoring a member.
    • Identify a co-sponsor
    • Invite member to all of our meetings, socials, events
    • Alert them as to the different committees
    • Application
    • Headshot
    • Inform member if they are approved
  • Membership moments are coming back.
  • Munches will be focused on membership.
  • Fall Fundraiser - Cindy Mullally with Chair- let her know if you’d like to be involved.
  • Metro Linkedin page is public - share/connect focus on service and sharing member news.
  • September birthdays & anniversaries celebrated.
  • GRSP held their conference in Macon - Jasmine attended and met all of the GA students.
  • Metro logo shirt presented to Will Gruver
  • 9/16: Service: ASP Re:Purpose - slots available.
  • 9/19 Program Speaker: Shawnessey Cargile with The Front Porch
  • 9/26: Social: Jerry's Lounge 5:30-7pm
  • 10/3: Program Speaker: Chelsea Sawyer, CEMA
  • 10/7 Service: Wilderness Southeast 50th Anniversary Paddle Battle
  • 10/17: Program Speaker: Cari Phelps, Global Grant Update
  • 10/24 Social: Rooftop bar TBA
  • 11/15: Service: Kitchen meal prep with Senior Citizens Inc.


  • Emerson Ingram, cyber securities engineer new to Savannah - guest of Jeff Brady
  • Katherine Johnson, Marketing Manager with Coleman Company and former Richmond Hill Rotary member - guest of Emily Doherty
  • Ruth Hutson, SESCO Lighting Outside Sales Rep - guest of Laura Lee Bocade
  • Bob Doe, former Rotarian in North Carolina - guest of Ro Patrick
  • Frank Pennington,  Assistant US Attorney running for Chatham County Superior Court Judge - guest of Jessica Pedigo
  • Frank Twum-Barimah from Ghana and currently in Ukraine - guest of Jessica Pedigo
  • Katie Rudder Fender, Director of Community Outreach and Development at South University - guest of Kristen Crawley
  • Conni Reynolds, Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce and member of Rotary Club of Savannah East 
  • Burt Brantley, CEO of Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce and member of Rotary Club of Savannah (Downtown) 
FEATURED SPEAKER: Bert Brantley, CEO of Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce
Bert Brantley began his tenure as President & CEO of the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce on Feb. 1, 2023 after more than two decades of service in various state government leadership positions. Bert and the world-class team at the Chamber and Visit Savannah are dedicated to ensuring economic opportunity spreads through the business community as the Savannah region enters a new era of growth and prosperity.
He most recently served as Deputy Chief of Staff for the Office of Governor Brian P. Kemp. As a Senior Advisor, he managed the Communications, External Affairs, Legislative, Policy, and Constituent Services teams. Brantley also held the position of Chief Operating Officer of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, appointed to that role by Governor Nathan Deal in 2017.
With more than 20 years of experience in state government, Brantley has held other roles in the Office of Governor Sonny Perdue, the Department of Driver Services, the State Road & Tollway Authority, and the Department of Transportation.
Bert is married to Tonya Brantley, an elementary physical education teacher. They have two daughters, Kendall and Carson, who are both students at the University of Georgia.
Bert was formerly a speech writer. He covered three points:
  • Personal (see bio above): Recently moved to Savannah in February from McDonough where he worked in state/government positions. He was burned out on Politics and was looking for a change. He’s excited to follow in Bill Hubbard’s footsteps. He and his family reside on Wilmington Island. His wife is recently retired and she is still figuring out what her role will be in the community. He commented on how great we have it here in Savannah!
  • Chamber: 7th oldest chamber in the country. Started focused on the ports and has grown to support almost 2400 members. Businesses outside of Savannah have been joining our chamber because they see what’s going on in our region. Lots of interest in doing business here.
  • What they are working on:
    • Infrastructure and keeping up with growth:
      • Transportation & water/sewer are behind, but this is common for any area that is growing. Also a time consuming process. 
      • Fiscally supportive of these efforts and appropriate spending. 
      • Focused project list to present to voters at a later time. 
      • Spends a lot of time advocating for more support.
    • Education/workforce development:
      • Both private & public schools- says there’s unique amount of school options in Savannah. More than larger cities by comparison.
      • Level of business investment into our public schools is very unique. Gulfstream, Ports, Woodville Tompkins career pathways.
      • Savannah State needs to be strengthened.
      • Dual enrolment options for HS students - working on transportation options
      • Savannah Tech is doing great work.
      • Armstrong Campus at GA Southern - Medical campus starting next year. Very exciting for our medical industry!
      • Request in for Dental School funding.
      • Excited about SCAD
    • Housing/Homelessness 
      • New area for Bert - very important to Chamber members.
      • Infrastructure is in place and we need to build from that. Many services out there but more to come, including a possible “community court” focused on these issues and provide aid with services. They are visiting another model to see if this might be a good fit.
      • Ideally we want our community employees to be able to live where they work, not have to commute for hours.
      • Policy matching with the needs of the community.
      • New housing/renovations needed.​​​​​​​

SEPTEMBER IS MEMBERSHIP MONTH - Bring guests to our 9/16 service project, our 9/19 lunch meeting, and our 9/24 social!

Below is a review of our membership process from prospective member to induction:

Prospective Member Process

Guests interested in joining must attend one (1) hands-on service project and two (2) program/lunch meetings and find two (2) Metro Rotarians to serve as sponsors. After attending two lunch meetings and one hands-on service project, Prospective Members will need to submit an application and headshot in order to be listed in Rotary Repeats as a Prospective Member. Once the Prospective Member is listed in Repeats twice, Membership Committee will propose their name and membership to the Board for approval.  If approved, Prospect will need to pay the $75 Prospective Member Program Fee to begin the Prospective Member Program. Once the Prospect fulfills the 5-Step Prospective Member Program and pays prorated dues, they will be inducted.

Prospective Member Program

1. Learn about Rotary by reading ABC's of Rotary and Metro Top 10.
2. Prospective member attends Group Meeting #1: Orientation with a Membership Committee Member and Sponsors to provide background on Metro and Rotary International.
3. Prospective Member serves as a greeter at 2 lunch meetings (to be coordinated with Sergeant at Arms)
4. Prospective Member attends Group Meeting #2 with representatives of Membership, Foundation, and a Past President to learn about a)ways to contribute to the Foundation and how the funds are used, b) Annual Service Project and c) Induction.
5. Prospective Member gives a Classification Talk.

Metro Member Sponsor Responsibilities

○ Identify the Prospect’s co-sponsors (each prospective member must have two Metro member sponsors).
○ Invite Prospect to meetings, service events, and socials until they are entered into ClubRunner (you will need to forward emails to them with our event details).
○ Sponsors must be present at meetings and social events with Prospects.
○ Prospects may attend hands-on service projects without a Sponsor being present.
○ Alert Membership Committee Chair that Prospect is interested in membership by sending headshot, application and names of both Metro Sponsors after Prospect has attended the necessary meetings.
○ Communicate Board decision to Prospect and facilitate group meetings with Membership Committee.


President Jasmine Mills

  • Membership dues invoices are out and are past due (July 15). Please make sure your email address is up to date with Tony as he goes by the ones in ClubRunner. You can arrange for a payment plan throughout the year with Tony or Jasmine. You may also pay for all of your lunches up front for the entire year or be billed for them.

  • Reminder: Please register and pre-pay for lunch by Saturday before each Tuesday meeting. . You do not need to register for the meeting if you are not buying lunch. Leigh Acevedo is on a mission to decrease financial and food waste. You have the option to pay quarterly or for the whole year (contact treasurer Tony Uhrich with questions).

  • Reminder to provide any and all feedback in real-time (don’t wait until the end of the year)
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries
  • Miles Diede spoke about what Savannah Ghost Pirates has to offer to groups. Ice Deck, VIP seating, The Overlook, Chatham Parkway Toyota Club Lounge, Fan Zam (Zamboni), High Five Tunnel, and group shot on the ice. Potential for our holiday party- BOD is working on options.
  • Upcoming Speakers - contact Lee Perry for speaker ideas

  • Let Jasmine and Jamie know if you spot club members in the news, any recognition/awards/announcements on social media - let's spread the good MetRotarians news!
  • Reach out to a committee chair if you have not heard from them yet following the committee "speed dating" and roundtable discussions at our July 18 meeting

  • Membership push led by Zerik in September - focus on bringing guests who might be a good fit for our Metro.

  • If you have not received a membership pin yet, let Jasmine know as she has pins. Possible resurrection of "wear your flair" with incentives! 


  • Ro updated us on the very successful service project with the center for the blind this past weekend. They sent Metro a thank you card.
  • SCBLV 60th Anniversary Sept. 28th 5:30-8:00
  • Metro Service Superlative award presented to Sam Carrol and his family for crushing it at the service project. 









  • 3rd Tuesday, August 29, 4:00-6:00pm, location Tiedeman Park. Let Sarah know if you have a “must taste” dish!


  • When you give to the foundation, a portion of those funds come back to us for our District Designated Funds as a grant to our ASP.
  • Paul Harris Fellow Awarded to Ro Patrick!

  • Golden Isles Veterans Village in Brunswick is raising funds for their 30 tiny homes & center project. If anyone would like to contribute, you can make a contribution via Venmo @tony-Urich (note what it’s for) or cash. Any amount helps us purchase a $180 brick.
  • RLI-9/16 7:30-am-3:30 at GA Institute of Technology. Register by 9/6 $100. Click Here.


  • Kristen Crawley- Fitz Hale, United Way & Katie Rudder Fender, Dir of Community outreach at South University
  • Zerik Samples, Susannah (Suz)Smith, Cecelia Russo Marketing and leadership SE GA, and Miles Diede with Dir of Ticket Sales Savannah Ghost Pirates
  • Anne Kuhlke-Lee supporting featured speaker
  • Brook Allison (member of Charleston Breakfast Rotary Club, Commercial Flooring)
FEATURED SPEAKER: Bridget Cross, Perinatal Health therapist
Bridget shared that she and her partner had both of their children through IVF, and mentioned her motivation for her current work was based partially on her own experience with postpartum and the day-to-day stories from her clients.
The perinatal term refers to the start of the pregnancy and extends until 2 years postpartum. This includes experiences of pregnancy or infant loss, termination, and infertility. Applies to dads, partners, etc…Maternal/Perinatal mental health refer to the mental and emotional wellbeing of an individual during the perinatal period and includes depression & anxiety.
Georgia Statistics:
  • #1 complication of childbirth in the U.S.
  • 1 in 5 parents will experience a PMHD (1 in 3 for BIPOC)
  • 1 in 4 parents will experience a traumatic birth
  • 41% or perinatal women report symptoms since the pandemic began\
  • Highest maternal mortality rate and labeled “the most dangerous state for pregnant women.
  • Black mothers are dying at the rate of 3-4 times higher than their white counterparts, regardless of location or socioeconomic status.
  • Rank the lowest in access to mental health care in the US
Georgia Fund for PMH:
  • Provides fully funded mental health care
  • All fundraising through third party and crowd funding
Goal: raise $50,000 to provide 10 fully funded therapy session to 50 perinatal mothers and parents. Applications open to anyone who has been effected by any perinatal issues in the past two years. (currently there’s a waitlist of applicants- once funding is secured, recipients are matched with a therapist to begin treatment.
  • $8,000 was raised in the first 6 months which directly funded 10 full sessions for 8 mothers.
In November 2022, Bridget Cross launched the Georgia Fund for Perinatal Mental Health, which provides fully funded therapy sessions for moms & parents across Georgia. She has been practicing individual and family psychotherapy since 2007 and earned her Masters in Social Work with Honors from the Hunter College School of Social Work in New York. She also worked in the arts for over 15 years before becoming a therapist, and earned an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College.
Before moving to Savannah in 2015, she worked in New York City with clients from diverse racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and spiritual backgrounds – in community mental health clinics, college counseling centers, clinical research programs, and court-based settings.
She received postgraduate training from the NYU Institute for Psychoanalytic Education, and she has trained in perinatal mental health, internal family systems, somatic experiencing, trauma-informed therapy, and motivational interviewing. In 2020, she also completed a yoga teacher training program (200-hour).

She currently serves on the Board of Postpartum Support International (PSI) Georgia Chapter and also volunteers as a PSI State Coordinator for the Savannah area. She is a certified Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C) provider through PSI, and in 2019, she helped form the Maternal Mental Health Collective of Savannah.
From the President
Metro Savannah Rotary is a diverse group of professionals who are passionate about service and connection. We offer flexible meetings and attendance, so members can create a Rotary experience that meets their needs.
We're proud to be members of Rotary International, believe strongly in its mission and traditions, and partner frequently with other clubs in the area. What really sets us apart is our attendance flexibility each month (2 lunch meetings, 1 social, and 1 service event), unique style (the question we always ask ourselves is, "Will it be ridiculously awesome?"), affordable dues (less than the cost of a dinner out per month), and our commitment to the community (click on the "Service Partner" tab to catch a glimpse).
If you're looking for a Rotary experience unlike any other, check out Metro!
Stay Safe and Healthy,
Jasmine Mills
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
GRSP Liaison
Service Projects
Legacy Committee Chair
Immediate Past President