Jami Murray is the Sales & Marketing Manager of Coastal Home Care, which is going through a transition right now. The firm was locally-owned and is now part of Chicago-based Help-at-Home. They are currently rebranding. Jami spoke to the club about various options for our aging loved ones, offering services such as the Medical Alert System (you know it better as "I've fallen and I can't get up!"), in-home care services, home health services, assisted living/personal care home, inpatient rehabilitation, long-term care/nursing home, and hospice care.
Lauren Criukshanks with Inspiritus informed the club on the many refugee assistance services they offer right here in Savannah, including resettlement, social adjustment, cultural orientation, employment, matching grant, and refugee school impact grant. They assist hundreds of refugees each year on the path to citizenship. Inspiritus aims to help refugees achieve economic self-sufficiency, integrate successfully into their new communities and country, and strive for citizenship.