Dare Dukes spoke about his role as director of Deep Center, a non-profit that empowers Savannah’s young people to thrive as learners, community leaders, and agents of change. Through creative writing, cultural production, and art, Deep creates platforms for the city’s youth and the village of support around them, including their families and adult allies, to share stories, engage in debates, and make Savannah a more just and equitable place.  More than just an after-school program, Deep works not just with youth but the village and systems surrounding young people. The aim is to lift up Savannah’s youth and families by directly supporting them while working to change the institutions and systems harming them.
Erika Morrow spoke about her role as an optometrist with her eye care boutique located in downtown Savannah - ForSight Eye Care.  Her boutique playfully borrows from Forsyth Park. She was introduced to Metro Rotary through a fellow Metrotarian and builder, Josh Brooks. She is the only one in her large immediate family who attended college and she's a huge dog person. As an eye doctor, she's like your primary care physician for eyes and doesn't do surgery. Erika gives back to the community in many ways - one of them being a participant in the InfantSEE program which offers no-cost eye assessments for infants 6-12 months.