Kelley Waldron thanked Cari Clark Phelps for her entrepreneurship presentation at St. Andrew's School.
Sara Smith gave Cecilia Arango rave reviews for her Rocky Horror Picture Show performance.
Jeff Brady he is seeking additional employees to join his firm. 
Lee Perry noted that Georgia beat Florida.
Florence Slatinsky thanked everyone who has been involved in Emmaus House's Empty Bowl fundraiser.
Josh Yates encouraged everyone to come out to Green Truck Pub's anniversary celebration on Nov. 13 starting at noon.
Laura Lee Bocade announced Mountainfilm's Veteran's Day Program.
Chelsea Swayer said she got to go trick-or-treating with her daughter for the first time.
Cecilia Arango thanked everyone who attended Rocky Horror Picture Show performances and bragged on the Savannah Arts Academy Cross Country Team's recent victories.
Julie Wade announced the hiring process for her successor at Park Place Emergency Shelter is underway and reminded everyone that November is National Runaway Prevention Month.