Will Gruver announced that he will be dancing in the 2023 Dancing with the Savannah Stars for Brightside Advocacy (formerly CASA). 
Leigh Acevedo announced that she recently left her employment with SEDA after 15 years and will soon be back on the job market. 
Kelley Waldron recommended a "find" of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama.
Liza Smith thanked everyone for a great turnout and success at our Brightside ASP fundraiser, Belly Laughs for Brighside in November at Front Porch Improv!
Lee Perry announced the Savannah State University Basketball Classic coming up in February or March. You can check out the schedule here
Julie Wade has an event coming up for Tharros Place: "Cocktails for Courage" will take place on Jan. 27th at Cohen's Retreat, in conjunction with Traffick Jam at SSU. Click here for event information/tickets/sponsorships.