President Jessica Pedigo reminded members of Metro’s 50% attendance minimum, which is more generous than many other clubs. Running low? You can earn attendance credits by:
  • Attending an eClub Meeting
  • Attending a meeting of another Rotary Club
  • Donate to our service partners Bike Walk Savannah or Urban Hope
  • Participate in a service project
  • Attend a Munch or social
Service Committee Jordan Chase thanked everyone who participated in bike and pedestrian counts with Bike Walk Savannah. She hopes to have more information on the June street audit project soon.
Program Committee Report: Michael Traynor of Union Mission will talk about the organization’s Phoenix Project at the June 1 meeting. Don’t forget to report your Munch attendance to
A lively game of Metro Jeoparty (yes, you read that right) ensued with a fierce competition between teams quizzed on categories such as Pandemic Shift, Official-ish Rotary Things and Metro History. Winners walked away with priceless prizes of Hansen Architects mouse pads, Sterling Seacrest cups, Daniel Weiner Handyman pens and more.


Alyssa Harvey was the guest of Jordan Chase
Chelsea Sawyer (New Member Program)
The following people are currently in the New Members Program: John Rodman, Katie Balthrop, Destiny Mojica-Taylor, and Meagen Burrows.