Committee Reports

President Cecilia Arango announced Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta’s Each One Bring One membership initiative. Each member is urged to invite a prospective member to a club meeting. When thinking about who you would like to invite, be intentional and consider the following: Is the prospective member service oriented? Do they have the time and level of commitment necessary to be an active Metro member? Remember, there are many local Rotary Clubs.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee Chair Katie Joyner explained the "New Member Obi Belt Process." In related news, Derek Goldfarb has now reached yellow belt status in the new member program. She also described methods Metrotarians can employ to identify prospective members including participating in community events, mentioning Rotary when you are asked about your leadership skills, identifying a missing classification and developing a plan to fill it, and making prospective members feel important. 

Rotarian Reader

Reshma Shah Johnson directed members’ attention to Frank Bures’ article, “That’s What Friends Are For,” in the August issue of the Rotarian. The author notes a Paul Harris quote from the early 1990s, “There is no place like a city park on a Sunday afternoon to feel one’s loneliness. To me one essential was lacking, the presence of friends."Reshma shared information from the article that describes how friendships are established and how important they are. Loneliness is a health problem. Friendship is the cure, she said.

Program Committee

The Sept. 7 lunch meeting will be held at Savannah State University. Featured speakers are Dr. Semetria McFall, interirm provost and vice president at SSU, and Sofie Bohl, GRSP student. The Sept. 21 meeting will be held at First Presbyterian Church. District Governor Ed Presnell is the speaker.


Sarah Smith, Interact liaison for Woodville-Tompkins High School, reported the club will not be meeting in person, but has a YouTube channel allowing speakers to interact with students. The sessions are archived so other students can view later. Contact Sarah for more details about how to get involved.

Georgia Rotary Student Program

Georgia Rotary Student Program Host Florence Slatinsky announced there are around 50 students in the program and for now they are interacting virtually instead of attending in-person events. GRSP Student Sofie Bohl will speak at our Sept. 7 meeting.

Metrotarians in the News

A Savannah Morning News article reported on Susan Kirk's work with the City of Tybee Island to investigate allegations of improprieties against a city official.


Ryan Smith was the guest of Liza Smith.
Melissa Harvey was the guest of Jordan Chase.
Kristen Baird was the guest of Cecilia Arango
Sofie Bohl was the guest of Florence Slatinsky

Featured Speaker: Tiffany Collins

Tiffany explained how teaching at a technical college helped her learn that she had a lot to learn from her students, a perspective she continues in her current role as executive director of Girls on the Run of Coastal Georgia and Lowcountry. Founded in 2006, Girls on the Run has programs in all 50 states, Mexico, and Canada — but each local council must support itself 100%, she explained.
Trained coaches lead small teams through a inclusive research based curricula, which includes dynamic discussions, problem solving, intentional decision making, and goal setting. The program serves around 1,400 girls with 50 teams each season, and two celebration runs per year. Some 70% of participants receive scholarships. GOTR is Metro's service partner for this year.

Late Breaking News: Updates from After the Meeting

Jessica Pedigo, immediate past president, shared this executive assistant job opening. Please share with people you think would be interested.