Jasmine Head is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor.  Jasmine grew up in Forsyth, Georgia and attended Macon State College and Georgia College and State University.  She loves hiking, reading, sunshine, shopping, and attending live theater.  She and her girlfriend, Brandi Mills, have two cats, Sarabi and Si.  Congratulations to Jasmine on finally getting inducted into the Metro family!  ONE OF US!  ONE OF US!  What better way to welcome you in than kicking it off with Orlando's Membership Minute!
Random Question: What is the bug, insect, or crawling creature that makes you scream? SPIDERS
Preference Question: Should macaroni and cheese be creamy, pot-cooked and edible with a spoon or dense, oven-baked and able to be cut into perfect squares? CREAMY
Trivia Question: A question inspired by our meeting today at the JEA.  The first JEA building was built on a downtown square in 1915 and still stands, although today it is used as a dormitory for SCAD.  What is the name of that SCAD building, which also is the name of the square on which it stands? PULASKI HOUSE ON PULASKI SQUARE (with help from an audience member)
Audience Question: Have you set a date for your wedding? YES, NOVEMBER 10TH.