Denise Grabowski is an urban planner who has been a part of many important ongoing projects that affect us all, from the arena, to the parking study, to the bus system redesign. She came to Savannah from her native Atlanta 23 years ago to work for the Metropolitan Planning Commission.  Denise founded her own urban planning firm, Symbioscity, 8 years ago.  She is married with 2 kids - 6th grader, Julia, and 3rd grader, Michael. She loves cooking, gardening, being on the water and travel, with recent trips to Russia, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia.  She played for Georgia Tech’s coed Ultimate Frisbee team and was invited to a national tournament with them in San Diego, although she doesn’t play the sport much anymore.

Random: If you could replace the bow, the wave, the handshake and the salute, what interesting new gestural greeting would you create?  Blowing a kiss gesture.

Preference: Closed cabinets or open shelving?  Closed.

Trivia: Does alcohol warm or cool your body?  Denise got it right - cool is correct.  Alcohol dilates warm blood vessels near your skin, creating the impression of warmth, while it actually can drop core body temperature.

Audience: What is the transit system redesign that your firm is working on? This initiative will result in a realignment of our fixed-route bus network, led by an international transit planning firm, Jarrett Walker + Associates, with the assistance of CAT and Symbioscity.  Check out Brags, Whines, & Finds for more information on CAT's Let's Go Community Open House.