Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Please send your Brags, Finds, and Whines to arango.c@thomasandhutton.com in order to be included in Repeats. 
  • Leigh Acevedo's find is the Ocar-winning documentary on the Pad Project in India.  The film is called "Period. End of Sentence" and it's on Netflix.  Highly recommend!  "A period should end a sentence, not a girl's education." www.thepadproject.org
  • Cari Clark Phelps has a shout-out for her "banker on my back", Patton Dugas.  Patton and Robert McCorkle's team helped Cari secure and close a loan on her office building.
  • Jamie Smith Arkins gave a shout-out to Will Gruver as one of LLS' All Stars.  Will originally ran locally in Savannah in 2014. With his 5-year campaign anniversary, Will decided to run NATIONALLY as an All-Star Candidate.  He's running against alumni from across the country.  His theme is music related - "Getting the Band Back Together".  The campaign is 10 weeks from Feb. 21 - May 3rd.  Check it out at 10weektour.com 
  • Lee Perry gave a shout-out to Whitney and Josh for throwing a fun Metro Midway!  He's now working on his own man-cave.
  • Ariana Berksteiner wants everyone to know that she WON the chili cook-off!