District 6920 Governor Mike Muldowney has been involved with Rotary since 2001, when he joined the Rotary Club of St. Simons Island. Her served on the Club's Board of Directors from 2005-2007, as Club President from 2011-2012, and on the St. Simons Island Rotary Scholarship Fund from 2006-2015, becoming Chair from 2009-2015. Muldowney has earned the recognition of Bruce/Tharpe Fellow for his contributions to the Scholarship Fund, in addition to being a multiple Paul Harris Fellow, a Sustaining Member, and Will Watt Fellow.
According to Bret, here are the Top 10 Things Muldowney will do as our District Governor:
10.  Quietly mass forces on the borders and begin assault of Districts 6900 and 6910
9.  Dye mustache jet black as part of desperate strategy to get more young people to join Rotary.
8.  Lobby Rotary International to add Irish Whiskey Tasting Tent at next RI Convention
7.  Leave Metro a suitcase full of money at the end of this meeting
6.  Make next spring's Jekyll Island All Clubs Conference "clothing-optional"
5.  Forever ban all future District 6920 events from being held in Dublin
4.  Overcome public speaking fear by utilizing ventriloquist routine and speaking through dummy named Mikey at Club visits
3.  Direct all 6920 Clubs to abolish the 4-Way Test and replace with the following 1-Way Test:  Will It Please Governor Mike?
2.  Approach RI President Mark Maloney about forming Rotary branch of the Irish Mafia
1.  Insist that all District 6920 Rotarians speak with a Cockney accent and greet Mike with "Ello Gov'na!"