Janice Alexander, Customer/Constituent Services Manager with the GA Dept of Human Resources, gave a little lively humor and educational talk on what all the GA Dept of Human Services does for our community and the one takeaway we all took with us was that DFACs does not want our babies - one of the common myths spread about the service. She helps spread DHS' mission - Stronger families for a Stronger GA and talked to us about the various programs they offer, including Aging Services, Child Support, and Family & Children Services. They aim at helping people become self sufficient and making sure children are safe. DHS understands and believes that children do better at home with their parents. 
Janice states that "people want to do better and they just need a little help," explaining that DHS makes efforts in lessening punishments and looks for better ways to make the system work. What was staggering to hear is that almost 60% of kids who live here in Chatham County and enter into the fostering system get placed outside of the County and away from their homes and their familiar surroundings. Their is a need for foster parents in the County and if you or someone you know would live to get involved, please contact DHS.