Get On The Bus
During the July 21 Meeting, Forsyth Farmers Market Director Teri Schell gave Metro the 411 on Farm Truck 912, our big service project for the next year.
The lowdown: Farm Truck 912 is a mobile farmers’ market that will bring local fruits and vegetables to Savannah neighborhoods with the least access to healthy food. In Chatham County, 19% of people and 26% of children reported a lack of reliable access to food in 2013. 
Metro is on board to support Farm Truck 912 through the "Bring it Home" programming that includes cooking, exercise, health education, and social activities in conjunction with Farm Truck stops. We'll also  be directly supporting the startup of Farm Truck operations through a variety of volunteer opportunities.
"This is really a brand new project, so we can make it what ever we want," Schell said. 
You can help shape this awesome partnership during our family-friendly kickoff event with Farm Truck 912 on Saturday, Aug. 22, in Wells Park near MLK and 38th Street. The truck will be there as part of the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority's (SDRA) Street Fair - "Cool Communities in Hot Savannah," which will feature local products, foods, businesses, artists, musicians, and activities for the whole family.
During the event, we will be helping FFM with art & crafts, games and projects centered on healthy choices & food education that hopefully the participants will “bring home” and incorporate in their daily lives.  
The event runs from 2 – 7pm, but FFM would love our help for the set up and take down after the event.  Thus, we have created 2 hour volunteer shifts from 1 pm until 8 pm. Sign up here: