SEPTEMBER IS MEMBERSHIP MONTH - Bring guests to our 9/16 service project, our 9/19 lunch meeting, and our 9/24 social!

Below is a review of our membership process from prospective member to induction:

Prospective Member Process

Guests interested in joining must attend one (1) hands-on service project and two (2) program/lunch meetings and find two (2) Metro Rotarians to serve as sponsors. After attending two lunch meetings and one hands-on service project, Prospective Members will need to submit an application and headshot in order to be listed in Rotary Repeats as a Prospective Member. Once the Prospective Member is listed in Repeats twice, Membership Committee will propose their name and membership to the Board for approval.  If approved, Prospect will need to pay the $75 Prospective Member Program Fee to begin the Prospective Member Program. Once the Prospect fulfills the 5-Step Prospective Member Program and pays prorated dues, they will be inducted.

Prospective Member Program

1. Learn about Rotary by reading ABC's of Rotary and Metro Top 10.
2. Prospective member attends Group Meeting #1: Orientation with a Membership Committee Member and Sponsors to provide background on Metro and Rotary International.
3. Prospective Member serves as a greeter at 2 lunch meetings (to be coordinated with Sergeant at Arms)
4. Prospective Member attends Group Meeting #2 with representatives of Membership, Foundation, and a Past President to learn about a)ways to contribute to the Foundation and how the funds are used, b) Annual Service Project and c) Induction.
5. Prospective Member gives a Classification Talk.

Metro Member Sponsor Responsibilities

○ Identify the Prospect’s co-sponsors (each prospective member must have two Metro member sponsors).
○ Invite Prospect to meetings, service events, and socials until they are entered into ClubRunner (you will need to forward emails to them with our event details).
○ Sponsors must be present at meetings and social events with Prospects.
○ Prospects may attend hands-on service projects without a Sponsor being present.
○ Alert Membership Committee Chair that Prospect is interested in membership by sending headshot, application and names of both Metro Sponsors after Prospect has attended the necessary meetings.
○ Communicate Board decision to Prospect and facilitate group meetings with Membership Committee.