Mike Nadeau, sponsored by Cecilia Arango and Suzanne Kirk, is the owner/operator of Fleet Feet Savannah. He's had an awesome opportunity to serve our country in the United States Air Force working as a Signal Intelligence Analyst, U1N471. While in the Air Force, he traveled to Japan, South Korea, and all over the Middle East. Personally, he's traveled all over Europe and Central America. One of Mike's greatest experiences in life was driving in an old Jeep from CA to FL with his dad when he separated from the Air Force. Mike's career has taken him all over the country and provided him with experiences that have created amazing memories. He's a passionate runner and has completed an Ironman, 140.6 miles (swim 2.4, bike 112 and run a marathon), as well as completed an ultra-marathon covering 100K, 62miles. He enjoys music and plays very little guitar, although he does enjoy it. Mike has an amazing wife who puts up with most of it, and a daughter who attends Catawba College on a soccer scholarship. She’s majoring in biology in preparation for vet school. Mike's bucket list includes wanting to hike the AT, fly a helicopter and travel the Pacific Northwest. Still so much to do in life, but he's tackling it one challenge at a time.