Our Metro Midway fundraiser was a huge time and a YUGE success!  People were dropping fists with the Rock Paper Scissors competition where Leigh Acevedo was proclaimed the winner because she got "lei-ed" all night!  Josh Yates was busy upstairs with everyone exercising those thumbs with the pinball competition - and can I say, what a stellar 80s playlist Josh had going on upstairs?!  Ariana Berksteiner dropped it like it's hot with that kick ass chili that took home first place, while people were ping ponging and cornhole tossing all night.  Thank you to Whitney and Josh for opening their crib to all of us for one epic house party!  PS - we're still talking about Lee Perry's momma's red velvet cake.
Metro Midway raised over $6,000 and with both fundraisers (Yachty by Nature), we've raised our $10,000 for our ASP, The Ogeechee Riverkeeper!  Thank you everyone for making it happen!