Jordan Chase
*disclaimer:  This photo already existed in our photo library so I'm using it because...#america
Jordan is Human Resources Senior Business Partner at Memorial Health where she has worked for eight years.  Born in Macon, she was raised in Savannah from age 2, taking ballet at the former Montessori school, now Husk on Oglethorpe Avenue.  She attended John Hopkins University and College of Charleston. Her hobbies include fitness, namely, running, swimming, and health club workouts.  She also loves trying out new restaurants and reading, especially historical fiction.  She was Metro's first full-term president, a role she earned by drawing straws with Clint Murphy and David Acuff, and was the first of this club’s two "pregnidents", mother of children ages 10, 9, and 5 and married to club member Danny Chase (who proclaimed he is actually considered her oldest child).

Random: If you could use only one app that did not come pre-installed on your smartphone, and not including mail, text, browser, map, or calendar apps, which would it be? Amazon

Preference: Macarena, Achy Breaky or Electric Slide. Ahhhhh, Macarena 

Trivia: Name as many of the countries or regions where the following Christmas foods are served:
Buche de Noel: a rolled pastry in France
Pozole: hominy soup in Latin America
Panettone: a sweet bread in Italy
Zakusky: appetizers in Russia
Glogg: a mulled wine in Scandinavia
Kourabiedes: cookies in Greece