Mackie and William McIntosh talked to the Club about fulfilling one of their lifelong dreams - to take off work for a year (June 2018 - June 2019) to travel across Europe. After two deaths of close family members, it really ignited the flame of the old adage that "life is too short" and William and Mackie decided that it was time to start working on making their travel dreams come true. It took a lot of budgeting (saving up to a 1/3 of their net income) and planning (they started the process in 2012).   Some of the things they shared included:
  • Homeschooling their 10-year old son, Liam.  Mackie focused on English, while William handled math.
  • Experiencing Tour de France was awesome!
  • Air B&Bs are the best. Know when to book and find good deals.
  • They traveled via train a lot and did camper vans
  • Poland was super cheap and any countries in the north were expensive
  • France is the only country that didn't speak English. Also - don't go to France in June.
  • They packed 28 suitcases
  • Their best meal was in Portugal
Bret Bell also shared with us his presentation on Top 10 Other Vacations Metrotarians Took Last Year:
10. Lee Beckmann fought off Somali pirates while enjoying discounted container ship travel.
9. Laura Lee Bocade entered a wheelie contest at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
8. Robert McCorkle rode bareback on a rhino during a return trip to the Serengeti.
7. Lee Perry helped organize a Fyre Festival
6. Jeff Brady went somewhere where he'd feel comfortable wearing Lycra.
5. Grant Tallon swam with tigers in the South China Sea
4. You know Cecilia and Emmy did a marathon somewhere.
3.  Danny Chase got burnt to a crisp in the Dominican Republic
2. Ariana Berksteiner went to Central American and started a revolution
1. Suzy and Judge Karpf went to a Cosplay Convention in Vegas