We Have a New Logo  
Metro launched a new logo during the Sept. 1 meeting. The logo started as a conversation between Past President Robert McCorkle and Communications Chair Bret Bell over the spring: They wanted a brand that reflected the vibrancy and uniqueness of Metro while still honoring the Rotary International traditions. They wanted a logo that was more flexible than our clunky old one. They wanted to shorten Metropolitan in favor of the catchier Metro, which we all call ourselves anyway. And they really liked that M. 
Those talks resulted in some pretty inspiring cut-and-paste sessions (with actual scissors and glue), which thankfully led Robert and Bret to the conclusion that there was no way in hell they were going to pull this off.  
They tapped Cari Clark (duh), who is literally the best in town for this sort of thing. Cari was gracious with her time and talent, and lent the club the considerable resources of her amazing firm Clark Communications 
The result is a fresher-looking logo that is distinctly Metro, while paying homage to the Rotary wheel and true to the official Rotary colors. Look for this sucker on all of our stuff, including hipper new t-shirts that Florence Slatinsky is creating for us.