Committee Reports

President Will Gruver started the meeting reminding us once again that October is Economic & Community Development month and encouraged us to bring a guest to our meetings and directly donating to the Rotary Foundation (click here). 
  • District Governors Shellie Smith (Lion's Club District 18N) & Heather Kellen (Rotary District 6920) are holding a “friendly competition” to see which service organization can donate the most items non-perishable items for the rest of the year. 
  • ASP Fundraiser: Don't forget to get your tickets for Nov. 17th, 6:00-9:30  http:// 
  • Jessica Pedigo announced that Munch assignments have gone out- Get a date on the schedule and meet up!
  • ASP: Kristen Crawley announced that the ribbon cutting at the Bighteside House was a huge success! All parties involved shared their appreciation for Metro Rotary's support, saying this project would not have been possible without us.
  • Membership: Katie Joyner reported that we will be moving to quarterly membership inductions and also adding responsibilities to each sponsor.
  • Fritz Hale (Guest of Jordan Chase) a non-profit consultant with United Way

Featured Speaker: Dr. Alan Meglin, Advanced Regenerative Therapy

Dr. Meglin had our chapter thoroughly engaged during his presentation on cellular therapy and how he and his team work to make people "Hyper Healers." In fact, they specialize in anything that has to do with healing at their main office in Savannah. He briefly explained various therapies, including dissolving oxygen into ones blood using hyperbaric chambers, stem cell growth, differentiation, and injections, post-trauma brain regeneration, and the "bio hacks" that aid in reversing one's biological age. 
We learned that since 1980, the number of Nobel Peace Prizes awarded in the field of regeneration is significant. 

Dr Meglin states "For some patients, regenerative medicine sits at the intersection of hope, despair, desperation and false promises. This places an added burden to provide the most ethical care possible. Patient's often come to us when conventional treatments have failed. Advanced Regenerative Therapies believe that patients must be informed and it is recommended that our patients read the articles [provided by other sources] before coming to us."

For more information about treatment options, click here: