Here's a rundown of Bret's Top 10 Things Observed at House Party for Habitat!
10. Whitney and Jeanine are evil and were the cause of your Wednesday-morning hangover.
9. The ladies could not resist Josh's tidy, all-business, one-piece jumpsuit.
8. All Rotarians are terrible at Giant Jenga and were thrilled when Bret awkwardly ruined the game.
7. The Metro ladies looked like they could kick most of the guys' butts.
6. Except for these guys, who are totally bad-ass
5. Metro clearly needs to begin recruiting more engineers.
4. These guys looked a little like Bert and Ernie.
3. Bret Bell is the greatest talent of his generation.
2. Professional bubble machine created a magical dreamscape that blurred the line between fantasy and reality.
1. Jordan and Jamie will be planning all future Metro parties until further notice.