Chelsea Sawyer announced that her breech baby boy was being evicted from her womb on Jan. of the time of this writing Marshall Bennett Sawyer was born late Thursday night, January 19, with a head full of hair and wonderful set of lungs!!!
DJ Spisso said he was glad to be back!
Whitney Shephard announced that DEEP Center is seeking Writing Fellows as writing mentors to DEEP's Young Author Project participants for an 11-week commitment. More info can be found here and reach out to Whitney if you are interested!
Suzanne Kirk made an announcement on behalf of Julie Wade: January is Human Trafficking Month and Tharros Place is hosting the fundraiser Cocktails for Courage on Jan. 27th at Cohen's Retreat. More info here.
Bret Bell also announced on behalf of Julie Wade: Mark your calendars for Sat., Feb. 11, 8am-10am to enjoy a private ice skating session at the Civic Center for Metro Rotarians and families! Suggested donation to Tharros Place. 
Reshma Johnson announced that her daughter Raiyan is the winner of $20,000 First Tee National Scholarship! See the news story here from Augusta 2022. Reshma also expressed relief from rolling off the AIA Board as the former chair and her daughter gave the speech in her absence. Proud Mama!