Kristen Crawley bragged on Suzanne Kirk on collecting the gift wrap and supplies and Ro Patrick on her coordination efforts Dec. 15-17 for Brightside/CASA. The kids surely must have had a great Christmas with all of the donated gifts and receiving them beautifully wrapped on Christmas morning! 
Erika Morrow announced her ForSight annual New Year's party and fundraiser for the Savannah Center for Blind & Low Vision on Thursday, December 29, 4-7pm featuring live music, a magician, incredible raffles items and beer and wine and munchies. Please plan to join the party again the last week of December 2023! 
Brad Patrick bragged on his wife Ro on her incredible PSA campaign work on the dangers of fentanyl. Below are links to the campaigns directly to youth and to their parents. Ro said she would be glad to answer any questions she can on fentanyl as she has lived and breathed the issue for the past two years.
Real Deal on Fentanyl This is our campaign directly to youth 13-24, educating them on the dangers and prevalence of fentanyl: PSA   Website 
Drop the F*Bomb This is our campaign for parents of youth 13-24, educating them on the dangers and prevalence of fentanyl, and how to start a life-saving conversation with their kids:
Julie Wade is hosting an event coming up for Tharros Place: Cocktails for Courage will take place on Jan. 27th at Cohen's Retreat, in conjunction with the SIDC's 8th Annual Traffick Jam at SSU. Click here for event information/tickets/sponsorships.