May 4 Announcements

Committee Reports 

Membership Committee Chair Cari Clark Phelps reported that four people are in the new member process: Katie Balthrop, Destiny Mojica-Taylor, Meagen Burrows, and John Rodman. All are nearing completion, except John, who just started the process.
If your attendance is under 40% please contact Cari immediately. If you need attendance credit you should attend an e-club meeting, attend another local club meeting, donate $25 to one of our service partners, attend a Munch, or attend a board meeting. If you have changed careers or job descriptions, please update your classification in ClubRunner.
President Jessica Pedigo said her car was broken into and many valuable items were taken, but miraculously the perpetrator had no use for the Rotary Robe. Also, if you are interested in helping plan the end of year party, email Jessica (even if you told her at the end of the meeting as she cannot retain anything from the meetings). This is a great way to get attendance credit if you are lacking! If you want to be on the steering committee for Metro’s Legacy Project, email her as well.
Service Committee Chair Jordan Chase thanked everyone who has done bicycle and pedestrian counts with Bike Walk Savannah and said it was a great way to get kids involved in a service project. Volunteer opportunities have been extended through May 15. Sign up on the Bike Walk Savannah website.


Derek Goldfarb was the guest of Cecilia Arango.
Emily Salzer and Alyssa Harvey were the guests of Jordan Chase.

Featured Speaker Leslie Mattingly of the St. Simons Island Rotary Club

Leslie presented on the work Rotary has been doing in Puerto Rico with a Global Grant to encourage sustainable agriculture through a partnership with Para la Naturaleza, a nonprofit that focuses on conservation of natural ecosystems, and the San Juan and St. Simons Rotary Clubs. Because the majority of food consumed in Puerto Rico is imported, supplies were severely strained during natural disasters. The project trains local farmers and workers in associated industries on ways to supply restaurants and markets. Other education programs focus on teaching about nutrition and cooking with fresh ingredients. Metro was among the clubs that supported the program.


Metro Mania Challenge Update

President Elect Cecilia Arango announced that the Mighty Mighty Bruised Bones are the April Metro Mania Champions. To earn points in the May challenge, contribute to Brags, Finds, and Whines at a club meeting, bring a guest to a meeting, attend a social or service event. If you do all three, email Cecilia.