Committee Reports

President Elect Jasmine Mills kicked off the meeting and reminded everyone to send your EREY receipts to Josh Yates- $50 or more paid via the Rotary website-
LUNCH will increase in price to $15.50 in advance and $17.00 the day of (if food is still available) as of January 2023. Please pre-pay in advance (preferred) for accurate food ordering. Reach out to Chris Corey for more details. 
  • Check website for upcoming volunteer slots
  • Brown Bag for the Elderly with Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia at 8am on January 21st. Two shifts available: 8:00-9:30, 9:30-11:00. Children welcome.
  • Lisa Colbert with Downtown Rotary and United Way presented on Rotary Reading and the literacy efforts. Read United is the name of this effort- Friday Feb. 24th is Read United Way with a goal of reaching thousands of students. Link to sign up to follow.
  • Send programing or social ideas to George for next year.
PROGRAMS/SOCIAL Send your programs and social ideas to George for 2023. 
  • David & Marie Crawford from Circleville, OH Rotary Club and they presented us a flag.
  • Cheri Dean (Savannah West) and Judge Lisa Colbert (Savannah Rotary.)


Featured Speaker: Lisa Goodman- Wilderness Southeast

Lisa Goodman is the Donor Relations Manager for Wilderness Southeast (WiSE), a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to developing an awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the natural world. Their mission is to Explore, Discover, and Understand the world around us. Founded in 1973 by Joyce & Dick Murlelss & John Crawford. One of the first organizations to offer ego-tourism starting with 3-7 day long expeditions to Central and South America. Now they offer programs throughout South Georgia led by educators, including Wassaw, Black Water Paddle (Ebenezer Creek), Salt Marsh Adventures (Butter Bean Beach), Alligators & Friends (re-opening soon!) and Costal Birding. Their signature program is “Fish Gotta Swim” which is an immersive program for Title One schools consisting of 8 sessions (5 in class & 3 trips) and is funded by their other programing. They serve around 900 students each year. Stay tuned for their 50th Anniversary Event!