Liza Smith announced a new Metro Rotary program called "Munch" (Metro Lunch) ... name may change because well, because we're all still 14 at heart. I see and hear you snickering right now (...and I like it!) Regardless, this is just another opportunity for all of us to get to know one another and Metro better.  Metrotarians will be set up on small group lunch dates that will count towards attendance as long as a picture is taken because #PicsOrItDidntHappen
Metrotarians provided butt sweat and tears at our first ASP Service Project for Habitat for Humanity. We worked on Habitat's headquarters on 70th Street on Saturday, Aug 24th to help prepare it to sell on the market. We helped repair and paint the wooden fence, trimmed branches and bushes, pressure washed the house, and helped repair the stairs and ramp. Habitat has outgrown this space and is planning to relocate to the Restore property on MLK. Thank you all for volunteering your time!
Congratulations to Jamie Smith Arkins on winning a prize package for becoming the first Metrotarian to complete an annual Rotary Foundation contribution. The club is looking for 100% and you have an entire year to do it, but since the new Rotary year has just begun, any contribution that you made before now is for the old Rotary year. Jamie's prize package was a Bloody Mary mix.  Hell yeah.
JK...YOU TOTES CAN.  LET'S HAVE MUNCH! (Cody is totes snickering at this....)
Cari Clark Phelps announced that the Membership  Committee is considering consolidating the membership process for new members.  The change still has to be approved by the board. It's not so much a change as a consolidation of many steps into fewer steps. Contact the Membership Committee as early in the process as possible for more information if you believe you or someone you know would like to become a member. Bret Bell's goal is to add 6 new members this Rotary year.
Metro's Social on Tuesday, August 27th was brought to us by our very own Metrotarian, Kelley Boyd with Savannah Yoga Center! We had a nice yoga session followed by drinks at White Whale. Check out our "Rogis"!
Registration is now open to all Rotarians for Parts 1, 2, 3, and a special Graduate Class for the next District 6920 RLI that will be held on Saturday, Oct. 5th (7:30 AM - 3:30 PM) at the Oconee Fall-Line Technical College Campus in Dublin, GA. Some of the interesting leadership topics that will be discussed include Membership Engagement, Analyzing Your Rotary Club, Strategic Planning, Service Projects, Effective Leadership Strategies and the History of Rotary. A special Graduate Class on “Transforming Your Club” will also be offered for those Rotarians that have completed Graduation of RLI.