Each year Metro Savannah Rotary sends out applications and encourages local non profits to apply to be our Annual Service Partner. A committee culls the applications and interviews the candidates and then club members vote to decide which of the final three will be the lucky winner. Metro commits to raising $10,000 for its annual service partner and supports the nonprofit through various service projects throughout the year. 

Although the decision is never easy, the Selection Committee emphasizes the following elements:   
  • An opportunity for Metropolitan Savannah Rotary Club to be a significant stakeholder of a specific project.
  • Sufficient volunteer opportunities that include activities which would appeal to the majority of our members.  
  • Understanding the project’s tangible impacts on our fellow citizens.
  • Relevance to Metropolitan Savannah Rotary's six areas of focus
    • Peace and Conflict prevention/resolution
    • Disease prevention and treatment
    • Water and Sanitation
    • Maternal and Child Health
    • Basic Education and Literacy
    • Economic and Community Development

Please find the application here.  The deadline is May 1, 2020.


Metro's Past Service Partners


2019-20 Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity

Metro worked with the Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity organization to help move their administrative offices from a former residence to a newly-created office space in the Habitat Restore. The move gave the organization a more efficient workspace so that it can more effectively work towards its vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Tasks included work parties to fix up the former residence inside and out in anticipation of its future sale. Metrotarians also assisted by physically moving the entire contents of the administrative office from the former residence to the new Restore location.


2018-19 Ogeechee Riverkeeper

The Ogeechee Riverkeeper (ORK) mission is to protect, preserve, and improve the water quality of the Ogeechee River Basin. Metro worked with ORK to support the Stormwater Wise Windsor Forest project to connect and educate local residents in positive ways on land, water, and their neighbors while providing tangible ways for homeowners and renters to build awareness about drainage systems.

Members supported the project by:
  • Cleaning tires and debris from marshes in the Coffee Bluff area
  • Placing tiles at drain locations throughout Windsor Forest to serve as reminders that the drains lead directly to receiving waters and to discourage dumping of toxic substances there
  • Constructing rain gardens in Windsor Forest to increase rain infiltration and reduce surface runoff

2018-17 Loop It Up Savannah

Loop It Up's mission is to provide creative art experiences and connect resources to children and families throughout Savannah. Using the arts, they foster stronger relationships, allowing them to work together to build a sustainable and interconnected community where everyday needs are met with creativity and confidence.

Metro members painted Loop It Up's new community center, constructed book boxes, and volunteered at Soup It Up (Loop It Up's major fundraiser). 


2016-17 Fresh Air Home

The Fresh Air Home, located on Tybee off Butler Avenue, has been in existence since 1939. The nonprofit offers a beach camp, overnight experience to at-risk children ages 4-11 from Chatham and surrounding counties.
The camp provides each child with all that they need. They must only bring a bathing suit and tennis shoes. While the children are with Fresh Air, they experience the beach twice daily, field trips, picnics, arts/crafts, music, outdoor sports, talent shows, square dances and movies.
Metro money was primarily used to replace the wooden floors in the main building (pictured above). Metro Rotarians completed hands-on projects throughout the campus, including building shelving units, painting nursery furniture and dining room tables, enhancing playground equipment and the ball field, and lots of painting.

2015-16 Forsyth Farmers' Market: Farm Truck 912

Metro Rotary's 2015-16 Annual Service Partner was the Forsyth Farmers' Market's Farm Truck 912 program. Farm Truck 912 delivers fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables via weekly stops in low-income neighborhoods.  Farm Truck 912 utilizes SNAP/EBT and financial incentives for doubling purchases, helping low-income Savannahians afford healthy produce.
Farm Truck 912 also provides nutrition education and health screenings with emphasis on the importance of healthy eating. Through these efforts Savannah’s community members with the least access to good food and healthy choices will be able to “bring home” knowledge of healthy eating and lifestyles, simple cooking and choosing more fresh fruit and vegetables for a well-balanced diet.  All Bring it Home project activities are designed to invite our neighbors to learn, move and grow in a healthy way both with us at the Forsyth Farmers’ Market or in their own neighborhoods via Farm Truck 912.  
2014-15 Savannah Bicycle Campaign
Metro's partnership with Savannah Bicycle Campaign (SBC) helped fund and refurbish the New Standard Cycles bicycle lab.  The bike lab enables SBC to refurbish bikes and donate to those in need of reliable transportation to work and school. 
Savannah Bicycle Campaign works through advocacy with local government, education of drivers and cyclists, and encouragement of bicycling as a healthy means of transportation or recreation.  Their goal is to provide bikes to people who need safe and affordable transportation.  “We want to make it safer and more convenient for people who are not elective cyclists but who use bikes as their primary transportation,” John Bennett, executive director, said.
2013-14 Greenbriar Children's Center

The Metropolitan Savannah Rotary Club chose Greenbriar as its 2013-14 annual service partner. Club members held two major fund-raisers for Greenbriar, built 20 irrigated and raised beds on the Center's Hoskins Street property, and taught Greenbriar students the ins and outs of gardening.  Funds raised will also be used the maintain the garden.
The mission of Greenbriar Children's Center is to promote the healthy development of children and the strengthening of families. The nonprofit provides services that include an emergency shelter, runaway/homeless, residential car, independent living, family preservation, early childhood education and car, and Project Safe Place.
Metro's First Unofficial Service Partner: West Broad YMCA
Before we started officially launched the Annual Service Partner program Metropolitan Savannah Rotary Club's first service partner was the West Broad Street YMCA. Members of the Metropolitan Savannah Rotary Club presented the West Broad Street YMCA with a check for more than $4,000 which was used to purchase new soccer equipment and gear for the children.
The soccer program benefits children by teaching teamwork, commitment, healthy lifestyle and self-confidence. The director of the West Broad Street YMCA says the children will benefit tremendously.  "You know one of the mottos of rotary is service above self and this club really exemplifies that.They are coming in tonight, putting the goals together and bringing in the equipment. They are going to spend time with the kids. I mean, who could ask for more? It is absolutely perfect," said Peter Doliber, West Broad Street YMCA executive director.