Metropolitan Savanna
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Savannah, GA
United States of America

Bike Wike Savannah's Neighborhood Street Audit Program: Edgemere-Sackville Audit

Dates and times

Our June service project will be comprised of two sessions. The two sessions will take place on Monday, June 21 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. and on Saturday, June 26 from 8:30-10:30 am. Prior to the session volunteers will receive information about the process and instructions on how to download the mobile application, and the group will meet at the beginning of the audit session to answer any questions and receive their assignments. 

The signup link is available here: https://forms.gle/cDiYy7Xto9eKeDxT9. We can accommodate 10 rotary volunteers per session.


Savannah is known as a walkable and bike friendly city, and this is true in some areas, but not all. More than 70% of Savannah streets do not have sidewalks and out of more than 700 miles of streets within the city limits, less than 30 have bike lanes. According to census data, within some census tracts, more than 60% of households do not have access to a motor vehicle.

BWS’s Neighborhood Street Audit program identifies opportunities to improve transportation infrastructure that will make it more convenient and less hazardous for people to walk, bike, and take transit to school, jobs, and other important destinations — and avoid the considerable financial burden of owning or leasing a car. For financially struggling families, maintaining a single car can consume almost a quarter of household income. These improvements will also provide better access to recreation for residents of all ages and abilities, and help to address health disparities in many Savannah neighborhoods.

Children and family members are welcome. We hope you will join us in this wonderful cause!

Questions? Contact Jordan Chase jordannchase@gmail.com or text (912) 257-2718.