Posted by Kristin King
  • Cecilia Arango bragged on Front porch Improv: Ceclila is one of the story tellers. This Tuesday is the Women Who Rule event at the convention center. Impressive panel. Funds support transportation assistance for women. She also gave a shout out to Kristen Crawley and all the people at United Way!
  • Carri Phelps bragged about the ACP committee. Application is live and accepting applications for any 501(3) applications. Opened up areas of focus. (Service Partner Tab- April 11th deadline)
  • Zerik Samples- bragged about a home dedication last week and Wine Down Wednesday at Oak 36 for Women in Construction Week.
  • Kristin King bragged on Ryan & Liza Smith for being the title sponsor for Girls on the Run Pacesetter's concert and announced and they will donate a pair of tickets to Roastary auction.
  • Kristen Crawley bagged on Patton Dugas for speaking with Younge Leaders for United Way
  • Presenter, Brian Judson, bragged on Allison Hersch for insisting on the preservation of the Globe