Committee Reports


President Cecilia Arango made members aware of Rotary Works, an initiative provided for Rotarians within Zones 33 and 34 who are experiencing career transitions. This initiative is comprised of three distinct programs, providing education, networking, and/or financial resources for participants.

Our Blood, Sweat and Beers fall fundraiser for Girls on the Run is scheduled for Nov. 13. Sponsors are needed!

Service Committee Chair Kristen Crawley reported Rotarians are invited to participate in the Tide To Town “Love Your Trail Day” on Oct. 23. Volunteers will clean up the Truman Linear Park Trail.

Membership Moment: Chris Corey

Chris Corey is Metro’s sergeant-at-arms and the advertising director at Savannah Morning News & Something you may not know about Chris: Years ago, the Savannah Sand Gnats brought in a stunt to help fill the ballpark. The gimmick was to have a stunt man run the bases while set on fire. They called Chris' name over the loudspeaker and asked if he wanted to light the stunt man on fire. Chris' first thought: "What if this guy gets hurt?" was outweighed by his second thought: "HELL YEAH! This is a unique experience." He went through with it and celebrated with the stunt man's family after the fact over some shots of Jack Daniels (not Jack Fire) and both made Sports Center a couple of days later.

Chris' interest in joining the Metro Rotary family was to meet like-minded people who want to give back to the community, while spending time with a diverse group of folks that would become friends.

Classification Talk: Derek Goldfarb

Derek Goldfarb presented a classification talk, describing his work as director of partnerships for the new Savannah arena, through Oak View Group Facilities. In this position he is responsible for securing a naming rights partner, creating founding partners, and developing advertising and promotional relationships.

When he arrived in Savannah he was eager to meet people so he sought out civic organizations, which brought him to Metro. A New York native, he says sports are in his genes. He lives in Richmond Hill with with his wife Sara, and their children, Connor and Noelle, and beagle Lemmie.



Zoe Rinker was the guest of Ellen Harris.

Katrina Bostick was the guest of Julie Wade.

Featured Speaker: Erin Wessling

Wessling spoke to the club about the Give Change That Counts Program — a campaign supported by Chatham County, the City of Savannah, and several organizations that are dedicated to reducing panhandling throughout the area. Through fundraising and donations, the campaign aims to establish day centers in the area.

The day centers will at as safe welcoming locations where individuals who are experiencing homelessness can go during the day and access support services. Because most shelters close during daytime hours, the day centers will fill an important need. Wessling said those who wish to help can make donations or sponsor advertising, community connects, and business partnerships. All funds raised goes directly to day center operations.