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Committee Reports

President Will Gruver announced that March is Water & Sanitation Month.
  • Donate to Second Harvest  $25/1 service credit up to 3 credits (Jan-March) Email to receive credit Deadline March 15th (Link to Donate)
  • Our GRSP Student has been selected and Metro needs a GRSP liaison and host - we would share a student with Richmond Hill Rotary Club - please reach out to Jasmine Mills for more information. 
  • Roastary Committee Members needed- reach out to Jessica Pedigo if you are interested.
  • Annual Service Partner for next year - it's that time again! - Cari Phelps to Chair
  • ROASTARY Annual Oyster Roast on Sunday, March 26, 3:00-6:00 at Coach's Corner - get your tickets here
  • Canned Food Drive competition with Lion's Club: Donate up to $75 by March 15 deadline to America's Second Harvest Food Bank here to receive up to 3 service credits. For every $25 donated, you will receive 1 service credit (up to 3 max). You may donate as much as you wish and every dollar will help us win the contest!  Email to get service credit for your donations. 
  • Preston Johnson Speech Contest (with Woodville-Tompkins Interact Club) - thank you club members Sarah Smith, Cecilia Arango, Will Gruver, Suzanne Kirk, Zerik Samples and Alfred McGuire (principal of Woodville-Tompkins HS) for judging on February 22! First place winner: Syniah Seabrain will receive $750 - Second Place: Serani Hassan will receive $500. Winners will be at our April 18th meeting.
  • Volunteer sign up for Roastary is live- sign up to help where you can!
  • The membership committee is wrapping up the current slate of members in April.
  • Jessica Pedigo gave us a friendly reminder that attendance credit is not meeting up with 5 or more people at a non-Metro social event 
  • Cecilia's fancy wheel stopped on Reshma Johnson for the Membership moment- here's what we learned about Reshman!
    • What was your first job: "Hostess at Bob Evans in OH and had to borrow anyone else’s name tag- she was “Nicole” for a year.
    • Favorite quote: “Pay the bills, do what you love, specifically in that order.”
    • Gained from being a Rotatian: "Friendships, better understanding of my city and it’s functions, in addition to multiple organizations in our city."
“Will You Sign My Yearbook?” Project
  • Send HS Photo and updated Headshot to Cecilia
  • Senior Quote
LEGACY PROJECT: Please provide your Metro Rotary Legacy Project Suggestions here: Click Here - reach out to John Bennett for more details
  • Tuesday, March 21 - Beach Institute Tour - reach out to George Seaborough for more details ($10)
  • Tuesday, March 28 - Social at Edgar's Proof & Provision
  • Andrew Paul Houseton- a Laboratory Supervisor and Commissioner of Savannah Cultural Affairs Guest of George Seaborough

  • Emily Dougherty Great Oaks Bank (currently in membership program)

  • Beth Whallen (currently in membership program)

  • Ashley Hersey (currently in membership program)

  • Melanie Crese, guest of Leigh Acevedo

  • Aaron Miller, former military and moved back to Sav a few years ago- Guest of Clint Murphy, via Jamie Arkins

  • Daniel Weiner- former club member

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Allison Hersh & Brian Judson with TEDxSavannah.

Originally founded in 2009 and renamed in 2015, the TEDxSavannah initiative is committed to creating a legacy of ideas worth Spreading.

Allison’s background comes from Savannah’s Armstrong Campus and found herself quite captivated by the event. She then joined the Board. Cecilia will be EmCeeing this year’s event for a 2nd time!
Current Board members include Ceclia Arango & Laura Lee Bocade
All TED x events are independent, and live performances are starting to be incorporated in the presentations, making it a full multi media experience. Attendees can anticipate a carefully curated and fully immersive, while listening to15 speakers (to be announced in the next few weeks.)
The staff an board are focused on connection and the power of community to foster the exchange of ideas
so in that spirit, there will be an after party this year with food trucks, beverages, and activities (included with ticket purchase).
Brian then filled us in on the 2023 program, and spoke about his personal passion for TED (and being tall to hang blackout curtains!)
  • One Theme, 15 Speakers (45 pitches reviewed and auditioned 25 speakers)
  • Venue: Aprmstrong Campus
  • 500 capacity
  • Thursday May 25, 2023 12:30-5:30 followed by the after party
  • Shorter half-day format and opportunities to interact with the speakers.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities still available (include sheet from Brian sponsor)
  • Stay informed via FB, Twitter, IG, and their website for eblasts.
  • Consider becoming a speaker for next year!