Committee Reports 

President Jessica Pedigo reminded members about the Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy take out food event and raffle fundraiser on Feb. 21 and the Park Place Toss for a Cause event on March 6.
Service Committee Chair Jordan Chase announced we will be collecting running shoes for the Fleet Feet donation program. The shoes will go to local organizations that help unhoused people. Race medals will also be collected and given to children at Memorial who are completing their cancer treatments. Donations can be dropped off at the Savannah and Pooler Fleet Feet locations.
Program Committee Chair Daniel Weiner announced that David Pratt of the Savannah Music Festival will be the speaker on Feb. 16.
Family of Rotary Chair Jasmine Mills said she will be taking over the secretary position this summer. She asked everyone to send attendance documentation and other correspondence to the account.
Foundation and Grants Committee Chair Patrick Phelps reported we are extremely close to meeting our Every Rotarian Every Year giving goal. If you have not made your foundation contribution yet, please do so by the end of February.
President Elect Cecilia Arango announced the February Metro Mania Challenge involves participating in a service project, supporting a Metrotarian owned business, and giving a shout-out to a Rotary member on social media.


Zerik Samples was a guest at the meeting. He is CEO of Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity and, before moving to Savannah, he was a member of the Rotary Club of St. Simons.

Featured Speaker: Jackson Evans

In a presentation featuring musical interludes, Jackson Evans talked about his work at Benedetto Guitars, which Bob Benedetto founded in 1968 to build archtop jazz guitars.
Jackson explained the mechanics of guitars and their evolution over the years, describing the design elements that allow louder volumes while still maintaining structural integrity. He demonstrated the features and acoustics of several guitars, including an instrument built in Chicago between 1886 and 1890.
Although archtops are often called jazz guitars, they are used in other genres. He cited Maybelle Carter of the Carter Family as a noted archtop player. Benedetto produces 80-100 guitars per year, with the highest end models costing $20-50,000.

Membership Moment: Cynthia Mullally

Cindy said the highest profile event she’s managed in her role as an event planner was a 2012 event focusing on the nation’s economic recovery, featuring President Bill Clinton and President George Bush.
She is married to Matt Toole and her most famous relative is her cousin Tommy Norden, who played Bud Ricks on the television show, “Flipper.” Cindy also talked about how much she enjoys living in Gordonston.